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Cinematography has been my passion ever since I was at school. Like many, I far prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it! Before I was freelance I worked for one of the largest cinema camera rental companies in the country which has provided a wealth of knowledge on many different cameras.  Whether it's spreading your brand's message through beautiful images or shooting an enthralling narrative piece, I love it all! 


Already shot it and need it coloured? With 5+ years as an on-set DIT with experience colour managing major motion pictures and high end TV you're in safe hands. 

Fully Resolve trained, with a micro panel set up, I also have links to a professional grading suite in Shepperton Studios for those bigger commerical or narrative projects. 


Drone Operation

When I was younger I had two passions - cameras and planes. I've always been obsessed with flying, so I found a way to combine them both! 

Fully Qualified with a GVC/OA license and a Mavic 3 drone - I can get those shots in places restricted to the hobbiest flyer


Since 2017 I have been working as a freelance DIT on a variety of feature films and TV series. Here I back up footage, colour the rushes and keep an eye on the integrity of the footage to make sure there are no technical issues. If you'd like to see my CV, download it here


Social Media Ads

So you have a video, now let's get it out there! If you're not getting the engagement you hoped for, or just want to try spreading the word I can help. By running ads on social media and utilising tools and metrics to track their progress we can get your brand message out there. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat, you're covered. 

Mobile Phone
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